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Take the Hassle Out of Remodeling Your Home

Rely on the experience of StyleWise Construction to put together a team of reliable professionals who will get your home remodeling project off to a good start—and completed on time.

StyleWise Construction does not fashion itself a “Design-Build” firm, because we do not have interior designers and architects on staff. However, if you have not contracted with an architect, interior designer, and other specialists to help you with plans, we can pull together a team of experienced professionals that we have worked with for years. We know how to work well with each of these specialists so your project can progress quickly and seamlessly.

We want to make sure our clients have flexibility and more choices. So, if you have chosen an interior designer because you especially resonate with his or her style—but don’t feel comfortable with the contractor he or she recommends, give us a call. We can give you StyleWise Construction quality with the architectural or interior design you choose.

Architects, Architectural Engineers, and Architectural Drawings

Many home renovation, home addition, or custom home projects require the assistance of an architect. If you have not hired an architect, call us first. We can recommend one that StyleWise has worked with in the past, so your project is built with plans for a beautiful, well-engineered and economical home construction project.

If you have hired an architect, and he or she has recommended a general contractor for the project, give StyleWise Construction the opportunity to give you a second quote. We can’t guarantee a better price, but we think we provide a higher quality finished product than most. And, that quality still comes at a competitive price.

Interior Designers and Home Décor

Similarly, if you want to work with an interior designer, and have not chosen one yet, give us a call. We can recommend an interior designer who is creative, experienced, and has a focus on customer service that you can depend on.

If you wish to choose colors, flooring, fixtures, and other finishes yourself, StyleWise Construction will support that choice. But, if you want an interior designer to assist you—whether one we recommend or one you select yourself– that is fine, as well.

Q: Can I live in my house during the remodel?

A: Yes. We will provide a partitioned work area, so you will have access the areas not affected by the remodel.

Q: Do I have to hire the plumber or electrician?

A: No. We will take care of hiring sub-contractors like plumbers and electricians as needed for your project.

Q: Will we have to provide insurance prior to the project?

A: No. We carry our own insurance, as well as requiring insurance coverage from all of our sub-contractors during the project.

Q. Do we need a building permit or a licensed Contractor?

A: If a permit is needed (which depends on the scope of work and jurisdiction), we will take care of making sure a permit is pulled. We are a licensed general contracting company.

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